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2018 Travel: Portland, Oregon

My resolution for 2018 is to travel & explore more places. Let’s start with Portland, Oregon. Since my dad’s family lives in Portland, I’ve been to this city so many times throughout my childhood. I didn’t realize there were so much more to this city. The food is so good, people are so nice, and there are so many beautiful hiking trails. If you plan on visiting Portland, here are my recommendations:

1. Nines Hotel – located in the heart of Downtown Portland, convenient for shopping.
2. Benson – stayed here for my cousin’s wedding a few years ago. It’s very cozy and walking distance from the main shopping area
3. Ace Hotel – chilled at the lobby, never stayed there but from what I’ve heard, it’s a great hotel to stay at.

Did you know Nike & Adidas’ headquarters are located in Portland? My cousins got me passes to shop & visit the Nike & Adidas Employee store, needless to say, I did some major damage!

There’s so much great food in Portland. I literally spent an entire day exploring good EATs. #nojoke
All the food places I mention here are absolutely amazing and I would definitely return the next time I’m in town.
1. Andina – tapas. AMAZING! If tapas your thing, you need to give this place a try!
2. Jacqueline – It’s a romantic and cozy French restaurant, perfect for date night.
3. Ice cream – right next door to Jacqueline. It serves specialty flavors, very different from your typical Basket Robin ice cream.
4. Salt & Straw – it’s a must!!! By far, my favorite ice cream shop ever! You can smell the fresh waffle just from standing outside the shop. Chocolate brownie & strawberry balsamic vinegar w/crack black pepper are my top picks!
5. Proud Mary – Australian style brunch. Avocado toast & pancake are scrumptious, pair it with either coffee or fresh green juice. Mmmmmmmmm…
6. Heart Coffee – one of the many cute coffee shop in Portland.
7. Urban Farmer – located inside the Nines Hotel, great spot for brunch.
8. Luc Lac – it’s a total hipster Vietnamese restaurant, perfect for a quick bite or late night snack.

Let’s drink:
1. The Multnomah Whiskey Library Bar – what a hidden gem! Definitely make reservations, otherwise expect to wait 2-3 hours. For you whiskey lovers, there’s over 1,000 whiskeys for you to choose from.
2. Thelonious Wines – wine tasting! Great place to chill and catch a pre-dinner drink.

Hiking Trail:
1. Abiqua Falls – a hidden hiking trail. There’s no actual map for this trail, so it is recommended to find a local Portlandian to guide you. The end of the trail takes you to the waterfall and it is breathtaking. This place is definitely at the top of my list of best hiking trail in Portland.
2. Silver State Falls – 10 mile radius park. There are several waterfalls in this park, so you will have to decide which one to visit. We drove to the parking area and hiked less than 1 mile to one of the waterfalls in the park. It’s a pretty safe and short hike.
3. The Gorge & Multnomah Falls – these 2 trails are right next to each other. I’ve been here about 2 years ago before the recent fire and would recommend it.

I will most likely return to Portland again this year to continue exploring the other hiking trails. If hiking is your thing, I would recommend visiting in the summer as it rains a lot here during winter and spring. I hope you all found this blog post helpful and if you have any recommendations, please comment below.

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